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The Path to Quality Lead Flow

Struggling to find quality leads for your business? These tested tips and guidelines will 💯 improve your results! 🥊

TARGETing: If you want to keep your ad spend as low as possible, the best bang for your buck is to target precisely as possible! (Location, demographic, interests, lookalike audiences can all help to narrow down your customers).

SIMPLIFY steps for future clients to get in contact with you. You have the power here. Are you a killer on the phone? Make sure that you are directing potential leads to call you as their first option. Hate talking to strangers? Set up a form, autoresponder and guide them through the sign up or contact process smoothly. It shouldn't take effort to reach you.

GIVEAWAY, free content or swag. We love free stuff and will happily hand over our data for it. (You do it every day too, trust us.) An industry specific e-book, slide deck or pdf can do wonders for your lead flow. Don't be hesitant to try it out!

FILTER applications. This might contradict our SIMPLIFY point earlier, but it works. To increase lead quality it's worth it to carefully form your questions before you let your future clients ask for an enquiry. Make them work a bit for it, ask them relevant questions about their pain points, even if it might take an extra paragraph or two. Done right, this will filter out the kind of clients you do not want to work with.

PROVIDE VALUE first in the form of useful, actionable tips, articles, shorts - these will set you up as the authority figure in your space and will make you the source in your industry.

So you've done the work, you have an influx of leads and can hardly keep up? Time to work on perfecting your offer. See you in the next post. 👻
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