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Top Marketing Trends for 2023

If you're not seeing results, it might be time to rethink your B2B marketing strategy for 2023. ↗ Here are the top trends we are seeing this year, that can point you in the right direction for a successful Q3-Q4. ⏩

❇ 1. Purpose Driven Brands will continue to rise

It should come as no surprise that people are becoming more conscious about their purchasing decisions, who they are willing to partner up long-term in business. Emphasize what you stand for and make sure you highlight your values and ethics as much as possible, without being preachy. Is it eco-consciousness, extraordinary customer care, employee wellbeing, ethical sourcing, a new way of organizing your business? It's up to you and what is authentic for your business.

Classic case studies of purpose driven brands: Patagonia, Ikea or Toms. Study and try to dissect their corporate communication, be inspired how carefully they craft their message.

❇ 2. Heavy Focus on Customer Experiences

As more and more business sectors become diluted, it becomes harder to stand out and differentiate your business from the pack. We will continue to see a heavy focus on customer experiences this year, to combat this issue. Try to think of new angles on delivering your service. Redesign your email flow for the onboarding of new customers, think of personalized gifts. Optimize those old FAQ and product pages. Focus on delivering the needed solution as fast as possible, but also in an enjoyable way.

❇ 3. Content Marketing

Just a reminder to keep posting, producing on all social platforms (right now Linkedin, Instagram and Youtube are our main picks for B2B). The appetite for content is ever growing, don't be fooled by dropping post reach data. Awareness is still your main weapon to improve business results and while creating content is certainly time-consuming, we promise it is worth it in the long run.

Pay attention to emerging AI technologies, as they can significantly reduce the cost and time of making content (hello Chat GPT, Be sure to add your own twist though, AI generated texts can be blatantly obvious and unoriginal.

❇ 4. Virtual events, Webinars

Looking to add a personal touch to your product experience? If you already have a sizable audience (50-100+), it is worth it to add exclusivity in the form of a virtual event or webinar, where you get to connect with your audience, answer questions, showcase a new service, product and help decision makers choose you over your passive competitors.

❇ 5. B2B Influencers

The influencer phenomenon is here to stay in marketing and will continue to drive results for you. If you haven't already, experiment with utilizing top (or mid-tier, if you are budget constricted) influencers in your sector to endorse you. A well thought out pitch and perfect placement of the message is key.

Are you seeing other trends rise? Share it with us!

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